WGHA & International Hockey Rules

As far as practicable the West Gippsland Hockey Association Inc. (WGHA) will follow the Rules of Hockey as provided by the Federation of International Hockey (FIH).

Where there is a conflict between the FIH Rules of Hockey and the WGHA  By-Laws, then these By-Laws will prevail.

To be read in conjunction with Rules of the West Gippsland Hockey Association. The WGHA By laws were amended in October 2018

WGHA By Laws – Adopted 24 October 2018

WGHA Rules –  as approved by Consumer Affairs Victoria in 2018.

FIH Rules Updated – November 2020

WGHA-Hockey Nomination form


Finals Fixture

The method of playing finals in the Winter Competition shall be as follows:

  • Semi Finals: First v Fourth & Second v Third
  • Grand Final: Winners of Semi Finals

Drawn Games in Finals

In the event of a drawn game, the result will be resolved via penalty shootout in line with Hockey Victoria and FIH rules.


As per FIH Rules …

Teams in Men’s and Women’s matches may opt to play 11 field players (i.e. NO goalkeeper or “kicking back” required).


The “tomahawk” hit is banned in all under 8,10, 12 & 14 matches.

Playing the ball above shoulder height

Above the shoulder playing of the ball is permitted in full field matches conducted in U18, Women’s and Men’s competitions (but NOT in half field matches).

Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side)
FIH update The rulebook every two years so it’s worth checking you have the latest version. The 2017 edition of the rulebook, which came into effect on January 1st 2017, is available below.

International Hockey Federation Rules-Of-Hockey-2017


The FIH Tournament Regulations which have been incorporated into the Rules of Hockey for 2017 all relate to equipment issues regarding firstly hand protection, where a measuring box of specific dimensions has been introduced, and secondly the use of knee pads when defending penalty corners.

The adjustment to the free hit Rule 13.2 which was posted to the Rules section of the FIH website on 16 February 2016 to update the 2015 Rules is now formally incorporated into the Rules booklet.

The other Rules changes are essentially cosmetic and take account of those changes to the Rules of Indoor Hockey 2017, which are applicable to Outdoor Hockey, such that both Rules sets are as closely aligned as possible.

The overall number of changes to the Rules are therefore relatively few and minor in nature. It was considered that there is currently no real need for any major changes, and that a period of Rules stability would be of benefit to our sport. Otherwise, all other changes in this edition of the Rules are clarifications of existing Rules.

To draw attention to all changes, even these minor points of clarification, a line appears in the margin of any text which has been changed.


The FIH Rules Committee continues to be concerned that some Rules are not applied consistently.

Rule 7.4.c: ball intentionally played over the back-line by a defender and no goal is scored. If it is clear that the action is intentional, umpires should not hesitate to award a penalty corner.

Rule 9.12: obstruction. Umpires should penalise shielding the ball with the stick more strictly. They should also look out for a tackling player who by pushing or leaning on an opponent causes them to lose possession of the ball.

Rule 13.2.a: ball stationary at a free hit. Umpires are sometimes not strict enough on requiring the ball to be stationary, albeit very briefly, for a free hit especially if it is taken using a self-pass.

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