Frequently Asked Questions


Where are games played?
All regional games are played at Bellbird Park in Drouin on a synthetic field. No travel!
Metropolitan teams do travel for away games – usually always travelling west towards Melbourne and sometimes beyond.

Do you train?
Yes, each team trains once per week, but we encourage participation on any night.
Monday: Warriors 4.30-5.30pm.
Tuesday: Gulls 4.30-6.30pm (1 hour per age group which overlap)
Wednesday: Aztecs 4.30-6.00pm, (1 hour per age group which overlap)
Strikers 5:30pm – 8.00pm (1 hour per age group which overlap). All regional team training 6:30pm – 8.00pm
Thursday: Drouids 5.00-6.30pm (1 hour per age group which overlap)

What equipment do I need?
All you need is a Hockey Stick, Shin Pads and a Mouth Guard. For beginners there are often 2nd hand sticks available.

What about uniforms?
Uniform tops can be provided by your local team or you may purchase them outright.
How much does the season cost in 2022?
Juniors: $120 (West Gippsland Hockey) + Hockey Australia and Hockey Vic fees of $83
Adults: $170 (West Gippsland Hockey) + Hockey Australia and Hockey Vic fees of $110

How do I choose a team?
Play with your friends if you can! If you have no team loyalty, then select a team that has a training night that is most convenient.

How do I contact a team?
Please use the contacts listed in the website under CONTACTS:
How do I register?
You simply go online and use this address:

What if I have more general hockey questions?
Contact us via email westgipplandhockey@gmail.com or text / call President Tom Anderson Ph 0422 697 611


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