Junior Hockey Season 2020

Important Information for Officials, Players & Families

The 2020 winter season for U12, U15 & U18 will consist of just nine rounds (Saturday 18 July through to Saturday 12 September) and one day of finals, which will be held on Saturday 19 September (start of school holidays).

On Saturday 19 September, the third and fourth teams on the ladder will play each other and then the first and second teams on the ladder will play each other to decide the premier team, with MVP presentations to occur between the two games for each age group.

All games will be played as seven-a-side on half the field unless the two competing teams mutually agree to play a game as eleven-a-side on the full field.

  • If agreement cannot be reached, the umpires will determine the format of the game. A team must have a minimum of five players for a seven-a-side game on half the field (or will be required to forfeit) or a minimum of six players for an eleven-a-side game on the full field (or will be required to forfeit).
    Because of government restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, and based on advice from Hockey Victoria, special requirements and precautions for the season will include the following:
  • Anyone feeling unwell (e.g. cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat) must not attend training or games.
  • Any suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 must be reported immediately to the relevant club and WGHA.
  • Reasonable and sensible precautions should be taken by everyone both on and off the field.
  • High fives, handshakes, hugs or other unnecessary contact are not permitted.
  • Spitting and nose-clearing are not permitted and will result in a player being carded by the umpires.
  • Hand hygiene (sanitiser provider), frequent cleaning/disinfection and use of own equipment are all expected.
  • Participants should each bring their own filled and clearly-named drink bottle.
  • Teams should not be offered fruit, confectionary or other food before, during or following a game.
  • Sticks, masks, shin pads, clothing, towels, mouthguards and drink bottles are not to be shared.
  • Mouthguards must be stored appropriately when not in use and should not be rinsed in public if possible.
  • Club masks may be used but must be allocated to a specific player for an entire game and then disinfected.
  • Changing goalkeepers should be avoided where possible (conditions apply if necessary due to injury, etc.).
  • Participants should avoid touching balls with their hands as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Participants should promptly leave the field and immediate area following their game.
  • Players participating in more than one match per day must sanitise their equipment and wash their hands between games.
  • There will be gaps of at least 15 minutes between all games to enable changeover of participants and spectators.
  • Only officials (10 max.) and players are permitted through the gate into the west (dugout) side of the field.
  • Officials and players waiting for their game to commence must do so in the warmup area.
  • Officials and players should enter the field from the warmup area once previous participants have left the field.
  • Spectators should practice good hygiene, including by washing and sanitising hands.
  • Spectators should observe social distancing (at least 1.5 metres apart) and gather in groups of no more than ten.
  • Limited toilet facilities will be available, plus the change rooms (but not showers) may be used if essential (4 people max.).
  • Spot cleaning and sanitising/disinfecting of common contact surfaces should be conducted by clubs and/or WGHA personnel at least once during the course of each day of competition.
  • The two clubs for the final scheduled game of the day must undertake spot cleaning and sanitising/disinfecting of common
    contact surfaces at the conclusion of each day of competition.
  • Spot cleaning at the end of the day should include shared equipment, handrails, gates, goals, drinking fountains, light switch box, benches, tables, seats, door handles, cupboard handles, tap handles, basins, toilet flush buttons, etc.
    With regards to spectators, the current intention is that the gates at both ends of the spectator area on the pavilion side of the field will be open on competition days, plus spectators are free to watch from other locations outside of the perimeter fence (while observing appropriate social distancing).
  • However, it should be noted that Hockey Victoria has recommended that, at least for the first month, adults should only attend for the purpose of supervising children and/or if they are directly involved in games in some other way.

Last updated 14 July 2020

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